Most Use Computer Defination-Folder, Icon, Desktop, Shortcut

1.Folder-A folder, also called a directory, is a special type of file on your computer’s file system which contains other files and folders. When you are browsing the files on your computer using a File Manager, such as Windows Explorer, the icon for a folder will typically look similar to the image at the right.

2.Desktop- The desktop is the primary user interface of a computer. When you boot up your computer, the desktop is displayed once the startup process is complete. It includes the desktop background (or wallpaper) and icons of files and folders you may have saved to the desktop. In Windows, the desktop includes a task bar, which is located at the bottom of the screen by default. In Mac OS X, the desktop includes a menu bar at the top of the screen and the Dock at the bottom.

3.Icon- An icon is a small graphical representation of a program or file. When you double-click an icon, the associated file or program will be opened. For example, if you were to double-click on the My Computer icon, it would open Windows Explorer. Icons are a component of most GUI operating systems, including Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS X. Icons help users quickly identify the type of file represented by the icon. The image to the right is an example of “My Computer” icons in different versions of Microsoft Windows.

4.Shortcut- In Microsoft Windows, a shortcut is a link that points to a program on the computer. Shortcuts allow you to create links to programs in any folder, Start bar, Taskbar, Desktop or other locations on the computer. A shortcut in Windows has a small arrow in the bottom left corner of the icon and are files that end with a file extension of .lnk. The picture shows an example of a Windows shortcut that links to the game SimCity.

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