Google Tez App: Details, Features, Payment app.

p is another new name added to India’s digital payment app. This app was launched in India on Monday, 18th September. Launching of this app was done in the program held in New Delhi by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. This is UPI based digital payment service app. This app from Google will bump apps like PayTM, PhonePe and BHIM. However, let us know that the fast app does not offer digital wallet like the Patyma, money is sent or received directly from the bank account. Here we are telling you the same 5 special things of Google Fast.

1- Google Faster has a special feature ‘Cash Mode’. This transmits “audio” to identify a user near you. That is, sending the money to the fast user sitting in the neighborhood, there will be no need to share any kind of bank information or phone number.

2- Google Bright can be downloaded from Android and iOS App Store. Apart from English, this app also supports local languages ​​like Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi and Tamil. To use the app, download it and use it by entering your bank account information.

3- The user will have to register with the mobile number which is linked to their bank account. After giving the email ID, they will register. Through this, bill payment, purchase of movie tickets and other transactions will be faster and easier.

4- Its interface is quite simple. According to Google, the sharpened transactions will be protected from Tez Shield. This shield will work for 24 hours so that fraud can be avoided.

5- Google is also offering an offer to use this app. Friends are given 51 rupees for this app. If your acquaintance downloads this app, then the money will be lost in both the users’ bank account. Apart from this, Scratch Cards will be given on transfer of 50 or more money through the app.


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